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Agnija Šeiko

As an award-winning Lithuanian contemporary dance choreographer, Agnija Šeiko is well-known in Europe and abroad for her interdisciplinary approach, unique aesthetics, treatment of sensitive social topics and use of a wide spectrum of forms. She is the author of more than 30 choreographed works which are and have been performed at various dance festivals and venues both in Lithuania and abroad.


Agnija Šeiko (b. 1977) studied choreography at Klaipėda University (1996-2001) and Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts (2003-2005). After her studies, in 2005 she got involved in the Fish Eye, a group of local Klaipėda artists, and worked on the International Contemporary Art Festival PLARTFORMA. In 2012, together with fellow choreographer, dancer Petras Lisauskas and producer Goda Giedraitytė, she founded Šeiko Dance Company and has been working as its artistic director.

Throughout her career she received numerous awards and nominations. In 2018 she received the highest Lithuanian theatre award „Golden Stage Cross“, in 2019 – Vita Mozūraitė premium, in 2020 she was awarded with Lithuanian government culture and art prize, to name a few recent ones.

Šeiko Dance Company’s performances have been awarded many national theatre awards. Company has been touring in Europe, China and the USA.
When forming the repertoire, A. Šeiko invites nationally and internationally recognized artists to create in the company. Choreographers Palle Granhøj (Denmark), Dalia Acin Thelander (Sweden), Alban Richard (France), Maciej Kuźmiński (Poland), dancer, choreographer Kenzo Kusuda (Japan-Netherlands), dancer Daphnis Kokkinos (Greece-Germany), who has been an assistant to legendary choreographer Pina Bausch, well-known Lithuanian cellist Mindaugas Bačkus, light artist Linas Kutavičius, video artist Albena Baeva (Bulgaria) and others have already presented their work in Šeiko Dance Company.

A part of projects involve local community and sensitive social groups, such as people with disabilities and seniors, who are involved in performances.

Agnija's creative work is distinguished by interdisciplinarity, recognizable aesthetics, sensitive social themes, and a variety of forms. Her performances often use live music, sculptural installations and video projections. Choreographer's work always surprises with a new form, context or direction.

In addition to the dance performance, A. Šeiko's work includes dance operas, performances, interdisciplinary performances that combine dance, music and technology. Dance and cello music performances together with dance performances - excursions about Klaipėda city, require a special mention as they have already become a business card of Klaipėda culture.

A. Šeiko creates choreography for opera, musical and theater productions and works with most of major state and national theaters, she is an associate professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Klaipėda Faculty, Dance Department and a guest lecturer in other dance schools.

In 2022, awarded with Golden Stage Cross (established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania) - for the choreography of dance performance “Indigo. Das Schliemann Projekt”.

April 2024

White Lullaby

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