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Kill, Baby, Kill

Three pretty sisters live a pretty life in a pretty house. Arvyda, the oldest, is interested in all theories of conspiracy, Regina is a passionate golfer, and their youngest sister, Elizabeth, is devoted to astrology. She has examined her and her sisters’ horoscopes and knows what awaits them in the future. She also knows who will die and that a detective will come, who is going to reveal the secrets behind the facade of their polite smiles.
Inspired by numerous detectives from Agatha Christie’s short stories about Miss Marpl and Hercules Poirot to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, the performance snatches viewer’s attention with a mystical plot and a dainty contemporary dance performance. Maneuvering on the verge of parody, this work speaks about the nature of evil, strange people, and the crazy world they live in.

Inga Kuznecova together with dancers
Kristina Steiblytė
Andrius Stakelė
Set and costume designer:
Giedrė Brazytė
Light designers:
Justas Bø, Aurelijus Davidavičius
Dovilė Binkauskaitė, Niels Claes, Oksana Griaznova, Viktorija Zobielaitė, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Mantas Černeckas
Artistic director:
Agnija Šeiko
Goda Giedraitytė
Production team:
Darius Berulis, Greta Seiliūtė, Austėja Laurinavičiūtė, Edita Aliochno
Kemel photography
Theatre is financed by:
Klaipėda City Municipality, Lithuanian Council for Culture
Premiered in:
55 min

April 2024

White Lullaby

April 25, Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras Tickets