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Four seasons, four cellos, four entirely different dancers.

The dance and live music performance Seasons is the first joint work of Šeiko Dance Company and Klaipėda Cello ensemble, the latter led by Mindaugas Bačkus. One of the most popular pieces for cellists in the world, Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons takes on a new, deconstructed form on stage in this performance. Different seasons and verses are embodied here by everyone through unique expressions and changeability of movements: 

aristocratic ballerina Beata Molytė, theater shaman Ben Šarka, actor mime Alex Mažonas, and Marius Pinigis, one of the strongest contemporary dancers of his generation. Choreographer Agnija Šeiko has masterfully orchestrated the collaboration of these personalities on stage, giving them suitable freedom of expression.


October 13Druskininkų kultūros centrasTickets
October 14VilniusTickets
Agnija Šeiko
Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons (version for four cellos)
Music performers:
Klaipėdos violončelių kvartetas: Marius Sakavičius, Karolis Vaičiulis, Gleb Pyšniak, Kornelija Kupšytė
Beata Molytė, Benas Šarka, Aleksas Mažonas, Marius Pinigis
Costume designer:
Lina Andriukonė
Light artist:
Povilas Laurinaitis
Premiered in:
60 min.

October 2023


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October 13, Druskininkų kultūros centras Tickets


October 14, Vilnius Tickets