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My Peter Pan

A visual and musical story about letting go of childhood and the ability to accept someone next to us and someone else living inside of us. Recommended for an audience of 12 years of age and older.

The dance performance My Peter Pan is a story about a twenty-first-century Neverland. In the space created by the set designer Artūras Šimonis and video artist Tomas Jurginas, somewhere between fantasy and reality, a group of dancers and four cellists create an associative narrative about a modern Peter Pan. The story focuses on the journey taken by two young people towards adulthood. Dance and music convey the turning points in interpersonal relationships that are especially relevant in adolescence, these young people‘s  attempts and (lack of) desire to grow up, and the search for internal reference points. The performance poses the question of whether maturity happens when you find your place among the chosen ones or when you are able to unconditionally accept yourself and others? 

Šeiko Dance Company emphasizes not only the creation of interesting and engaging performances, but also the imperative to discuss the need to reduce social exclusion through a theater of diversity. In this spirit, Julius Jurevičius, who has Down syndrome, performs together with the dancers in “My Peter Pan”. While creating the performance, the choreographer Agnija Šeiko combined the diverse movements of performers from very different backgrounds and experiences into a single fabric of contemporary choreography.

The music for the performance was created by notable contemporary German composer Sven Helbig, who has created music for such groups as the Pet Shop Boys and Rammstein. This is his first work created especially for a Lithuanian contemporary dance project, and for which he was awarded the highest Lithuanian professional performing arts award , the “Golden Stage Cross”. And for A.  Šeiko, the choreographer , “My Peter Pan“ won the “Golden Stage Cross” in the category of children and youth performance.

Press about the performance

“The main role here is played by Julius Jurevičius, a young man with Down syndrome. In My Peter Pan, he is Peter Pan, a non-adult man who grows up in his own environment, daring to accept and love all parts of himself. This is the most beautiful part of what the creators have achieved with this performance. The lead character also demonstrates that adulthood is necessary not only for both individuals and for an entire generation, but also for a society that still refuses to see and recognize any disability that inhibits free movement in cities, educational and cultural institutions (often even in theaters themselves). “

Kristina Steiblytė. Out from the Never Land.  Menų faktūra (www.menufaktura.lt), 2018 05 08

“The adventurous story of Peter Pen’s and his friends’ travels and wanderings is conveyed gently and thoughtfully, carefuly looking into our fears and gently teaching us to talk with the other.“

Goda Dapšytė. My Peter Pan. 370, May 2008

Agnija Šeiko
Sven Helbig
Music director:
Mindaugas Bačkus
Scenography and costumes:
Artūras Šimonis
Mantas Černeckas, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Inga Kuznecova, Niels Claes, Eiva Dobilaitė, Julius Jurevičius, Marija Ivaškevičiūtė, Erikas Žilaitis, Oksana Griaznova
Mindaugas Bačkus, Jurgis Karbauskas, Arnas Kmieliauskas, Marius Sakavičius, Karolis Vaičiulis
Video artist:
Tomas Jurginas
Light designer:
Stasys Jamantas
Vilija Bartašiūtė
Premiered in:
50 min.

April 2024

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