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Specially designed for babies, this dance performance immerses the participants in the mysterious world of light and movement.

The dance performance-installation for babies Lumi creates a heavenly, mysterious world where you can dream and wander through a fantastic tale of lights. Unseen glowing objects and fascinating contemporary dance encourage movement and exploration, especially for the little ones.

The thoughtful, safe environment of the performance allows for close communication between viewers and performers and enables them to communicate continuously. The installation of original light objects does not resemble the usual aesthetics of baby toys or play areas, but invites Lumi’s smallest audience to an abstract and refined, but equally mysterious space to discover special experiences. The multifaceted sensory experience of the environment is created through motion, dance, visual effects and light. The performance-installation space is created as a universe: experienced through hearing, seeing and touching. And the most important tool for exploring the environment is the body. Therefore, viewers are invited to move freely in space, observe, explore the environment, spend time actively or simply relax.

Dalia Acin Thelander

Works within the performing arts field as a choreographer, theatre maker and cultural worker. She is involved in intensive research and creation in the field of contemporary dance for babies and children since 2008, as well as teaching and lecturing, asserting the importance of the early encounters with art.  Her work aspires to contribute to the notion of choreography as expanded practice and focuses on audience’s agency, intersensoriality and emplacement. Her performances for the youngest audiences have been presented in Japan, Korea, India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Europe. Her choreographed installation for babies “Baby Space” was created in Serbia, Poland, Denmark, Japan, China, Singapore and Greenland.

She presented her works internationally on numerous festivals such as Fratz, SWOP, Impulstanz, Tanz im August, Les Particules, Perforations, BITEF etc. In 2008 she received Prix Jardin d’Europe for the performance “Handle with great care” on 8:tension, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna.

She is initiator and coordinator of the Generator, A collaborative platform for development of dance theater for children in the Balkan region.

As a co-founder and coordinator of Station Service for Contemporary Dance Belgrade and co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy she initiated, curated and produced numerous programs and productions.  She is a co-founder and co-curator of Kondenz festival for performing arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

She collaborated with numerous theatre directors and won several awards for choreography for drama theatre.

As a free lance artist she lives in Stockholm, Sweden since 2012.

The choreographer is convinced that children have the same rights to experience art as adults. “I believe that performances for young audiences should provide valuable experiences for children and adults alike,” says Acin Thelander.

Qillannguaq Q Berthelsen

Qillannguaq Q Berthelsen is an actor and music composer from Greenland. He is known for creating music for films, theater and dance.

Important! The performance is for babies, from newborns to the age of 12 months; other viewers from 5 years and older.

Idea author, choreographer, costume and light artist:
Dalija Acin Thelander (Serbia/Sweden)
Qillannguaq Q Berthelsen (Greenland)
Marija Ivaškevičiūtė, Inga Kuznecova, Oksana Griaznova, Mantas Černeckas, Erikas Žilaitis
Stage design and installation:
Linas Kutavičius ir Dalija Acin Thelander
Light objects:
Linas Kutavičius
Justas Bø
Vilija Bartašiūtė
Premiered in:
2/ 3 hours

April 2024

White Lullaby

April 25, Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras Tickets