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Medal of the Order of Merit for Lithuania for Merits to Lithuania and for glorifying its name in the world Agnija Šeiko.

Composer Žibuoklė Martinaitytė nominated for the Golden Stage Cross for the music of the dance and music installation “Islands”.

The creative team of the dance detective "Kill, Baby, Kill" (chor. Inga Kuznecova and dancers) was nominated for "Thanksgiving Mask".

The dance performance "Eye of the Storm" (chor. Rachid Ouramdane) was nominated for "Thanksgiving Mask" as the best performance of the year.
Award of the Association of Performing Arts Critics (SMKA) “Art Key” to Goda Giedraityte, producer of the Šeiko Dance Company and the international art festival “Plartforma” actively working in Klaipėda and its region.

Agnija Šeiko awarded with the Lithuanian government culture and art prize.

Dancers Niels Claes and Marija Ivaškevičiūtė were awarded with the "Golden Stage Cross" as dancers of the year. N. Claes recognized for dance performances "Wandering Dunes" and "i", M. Ivaškevičiūtė for "Wandering Dunes".

Choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński was nominated with Golden Stage Cross for his choreography of the performance "i".

Two nominations for Klaipėda Theatre Award "Thanksgiving Mask" in the category of "Coproduction of the year":
Šeiko Dance Company and Maciej Kuźmiński Company, dance performance "i";
Šeiko Dance Company and Klaipėda Concert Hall, contemporary music and dance collage "The Present Time".
Šeiko Dance Company was awarded the "Gazelė" Award by UAB “Verslo Zinios” as one of the most successful and fastest growing Lithuanian companies.

Nomination of "Klaipėda City Woman of the Year" for Agnija Šeiko.

“Golden Stage Cross” nominations:

Palle Granhøj was nominated for “Best Choreography” for the dance and live music performance “Boléro-Extended” and Agnija Šeiko was nominated for music and dance performance “Oneiro”.

The creative team of the guided walk – dance performance “Drifted” was nominated in the “Experience of the Year” category: Agnija Šeiko, Inga Kuznecova, Kristijonas Lučinskas, Sondra Simana.

Klaipėda Theatre Award nominations:
Palle Granhøj in the "Choreographer of the Year" category - for the choreography of the dance and music performance "Boléro - Extended";
In the “Costume Designer of the Year” category, Sandra Straukaitė for the costumes of the “Drifted”, costumes for the dance performance “Oneiro”, Giedrė Brazytė - for costumes for the performance “Who the F ** k is Alice?”;
In the "Performance of the Year for Children" category, a creative team of dance performance - installation for babies “Lumi” was nominated;
In the "Interdisciplinary Project of the Year" category, Šeiko Dance Company was nominated for the harmony of live classical cello music and contemporary dance in the performance “Boléro – Extended” and the performance “Who the F ** k is Alice?”.

Klaipėda Theatre Award in the “Theatrical Phenomenon of the Year” category for Šeiko Dance Company for interdisciplinarity, drive and diversity in creating projects: "Who the F**k is Alice?", "Lumi", "Užpustyti", "Oneiro" and "Boléro-Extended".

Vita Mozūraitė's award to Agnija Šeiko for supporting the contemporary dance community in Klaipėda city, continuous interdisciplinary projects and attention to socially excluded groups.

Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association Award in the category of “The Most Memorable Choreographer of the year” to Agnija Šeiko for filling all the spaces of the Klaipėda city with contemporary dance.
“Golden Stage Cross” award to Agnija Šeiko in the “Performance for Children and Youth” category for dance performance “My Peter Pan”.

“Golden Stage Cross” award for “Best Composer” Sven Helbig for dance performance “My Peter Pan”.

Nomination for an award to Agnija Šeiko for dance performances “My Peter Pan” “Queen Louise”.
“Golden Stage Cross” award in the “Dancer of the Year” category to Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė and Niels Claes for dance performance “Aside”.
„The Thanksgiving mask“ nomination for the creative team of dance and music performance "Seasons".
Klaipėda Theatre Award nominees for dance performances “Dior in Moscow” and “Lucky Lucy”.

“Golden Stage Cross” nomination in the category "Theater for Children" to the creative team for the performance “Forgotten Princesses”.

“Golden Stage Cross” nomination in the “Dance Art” category to the creative team for “Dior in Moscow”.
“Boris Dauguvietis Earring” award to Agnija Šeiko for directing and choreography of dance performance-guided walk “Traveling Churches. Klaipėda transit Memel, also interdisciplinary work performed for the past decade, which opens up broad perspectives on the interaction of contemporary dance with other arts and cultural heritage.

Nomination for an award for Agnija Šeiko for her performances “Traveling Churches, Klaipėda Transit Memel” and “King December”.

“Contemporary Dance Association Award” for Agnija Šeiko for the “Most Memorable Choreographic Performance”.
“Golden Stage Cross” nomination in the category "Performance for Children and Youth" by choreographer Agnija Šeiko and artist Artūras Šimonis for the performance “White Lullaby”.
“Golden Stage Cross” award in the category of “Best Choreography” to Agnija Šeiko for the dance performance "No Space in the Parking Lot".

“Golden Stage Cross” nomination in the category of “Best Dancer” for Petras Lisauskas. Dance performance “No Space in the Parking Lot”.
Klaipėda City Theater award to Agnija Šeiko for dance opera "Wasted Land".

“Golden Stage Cross” nomination for “Best Choreography” by Agnija Šeiko for the dance performance “Prayers of a Silly Girl“.
“Golden Stage Cross” for debut (with creative group) – mono opera Izadora.

“Young Creator Award” of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

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