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Klaipėda transit Memel

This Dance and Sound Performance Tour raises questions about who we are when we forget and who we become when we remember through experiencing a multi-media performance that visits the sites of seven historical Klaipėda churches.  This fresh, unexpected experience of the city using head phones explores the sites of the first churches in the city. During the performance tour, each participant hears an artistic, historic text paired with music and sound compositions while watching interpretations of contemporary dance in various city spaces. Each participant is at times invited to join in performing certain movements re-enacting the stories of the churches. This multi-media experience invites the viewer to expand their personal limits of understanding the city. 

As the tour director, initiator of the idea and creator of the choreography, Agnija Šeiko was nominated for Klaipėda’s theater award and received the Borisas Dauguvietis’s Earring award for interdisciplinary work that connects contemporary dance with various art forms and cultural heritage.

Author of idea, choreographer and director:
Agnija Šeiko
Sound author:
Kristijonas Lučinskas
Text author:
Sondra Simanaitienė
Author of the historical plot:
archeologė Raimonda Nabažaitė
Judesys, choreografija:
Šeiko šokio teatro šokėjai
Šeiko šokio teatro studijos auklėtiniai
Piliavietė, Teatro aikštė, Turgaus gatvė, Tiltų gatvė, Senasis turgus
Premiered in:
90 min.

Currently no performances scheduled. Check again soon!