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Sound of Five

Sound of Five is a sensory bombardment – a journey that dives into the sounds of movements, and the movements in the sounds. It is a performance that can be seen, heard and felt. Countless layers of rhythms, musically as physically, create the foundation of an intense listening, when eight dancers and one composer sets all senses in motion, as an ultimate devotion to the synergy of sound and dance – that by the audience can be felt in the whole body.

To move rhythmically, is a primary element in the development of both language and coordination in a child. And the dance and rhythm’s almost symbiotic relationship to each other is found both in folkloric dances, the classical and contemporary dance. With Sound of Five you have the opportunity, not only to see dance, but also to listen to it and feel its sensuousness in your own body.

Sound of Five is a co-production with recoil performance group.

Tina Tarpgaard
Assistant cchoeographer:
Jernej Bizjak
Hilde I. Sandvold, Kristian, Refslund, Jernej Bizjak, Lucie Piot, Niels Claes, Gintarė Marija Ūsė, Viktorija Zobielaitė, Mantas Ūsas
Mathias Friis-Hansen
Sound designer:
Mikkel Larsen
Costume designer:
Polina Nimrea
Light designer:
Julius Kuršis
Creative Producer Recoil:
Carlos Calvo
Assisting Producer Recoil:
Gry Raaby
Artistic Director Šeiko Dance Company:
Agnija Šeiko
Producer Šeiko Dance Company:
Goda Giedraitytė
Šeiko Dance Company production team:
Darius Berulis, Edita Grigaitienė. Austėja Montvydė, Greta Seiliūtė
The performance is supported by:
The Danish Arts Foundation, William Demant Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Nordic Culture Point
Šeiko Dance Company is funded by:
Klaipėda City Municipality, Lithuanian Culture Council
Donatas Bielkauskas, Eimantas Žeimys, Søren Meisner
Premiered in:
55 min

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