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This new work by Maciej Kuźmiński in his third collaboration with the director Paul Bargetto offers an existential meditation on the near and distant future, dream logic, and infinity. Balancing between the performing and visual arts, the piece conjures a house of mirrors constructed of an inner, infinite self, where crossing the boundaries of mortality and perception become the ultimate goal of existence. Inspired by the science fiction of Michel Houellebecq and the philosophical writings of Gilles Deleuze, the piece touches on themes of transhumanism, evolution, and genetic memory.

The work was produced with Šeiko Dance Company and premiered during the Arts Festival Plartforma in Klaipėda, Lithuania.

Performance contains full nudity and haze effects.

Choreography, visual design, sound design:
Maciej Kuźmiński
Paul Bargetto
Costume design:
Slavna Martinović
Performance & creation:
Liwia Bargieł, Oksana Griaznova, Evgenij Kalachov, Zuzanna Pruska, Niels Claes, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Liepa Songailaitė
Dragan Jereminov, Donatas Bielkauskas
Set design:
Sigita Šimkūnaitė
Light design:
Paweł Murlik
Assistant choreographer:
Emile Boer
Goda Giedraityte, Maciej Kuźmiński, Aleksandra Machnik
Marius Lukošius, Aurelijus Davidavičius
Šeiko Dance Company (Lithuania), Maciej Kuźmiński Company (Poland), KORZO Theatre (The Netherlands), M7 Productions (Poland)
Premiered in:
60 min.

October 2020


October 2, Festivalis „Aura“, Kauno dramos teatras

More info:http://www.dancefestival.lt


September 25, Festivalis „Kultūros naktis“, Vilnius

More info: https://kulturosnaktis.lt


September 25, Žagarė, Lithuania