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The Night Flickering

Each of our lives is a blink that turns into a vibrating and glowing flicker as all lives merge and dissolve in the middle of the night. Night is the boundless space of our existence, enveloping and accommodating our shimmering lives. Without night flickering it is just a reflection of the moments of life. A night without flickering is an empty, meaningless, and silent gasping of the universe.

Two ages of the same woman – as a 19 year-old and as a 41 year-old.

This woman is Salomėja Nėris, a Lithuanian poetess, who was born in 1904 and died in 1945. She remains a subject of polemics to this day. Her short life ended in an unexpected and abrupt death and the moral condemnation of her homeland for supporting and maintaining the communist regime.

Marija and Agnija are on stage. Marija feels that her life has only just begun, that time is endless and there is so much of everything she would like to try and do. Agnija feels there is less and less time left in her life, and there is still so much to do until her time runs out.

Both women co-exist with Salomėja, being and communicating in space (on stage). The bodies of Marija and Agnija express their nature by embracing the words of Salomėja that invite them both to learn about her world. Movements and glances of and between Marija and Agnija are witnesses to the flow of time, historical contexts and places.

Physical experience and biological rhythms are permeated by random effects. Are Marija, Agnija, and Salomėja the total sum of their own circumstances? How much do we live through history and to what extent does history live through us?

The night erases the frames of time and their different circumstances between these three women, moving them into the here and now, allowing the spectator to see their flashing experiences and worldviews, personal and collective, exposing experiences similar to what we all go through. The Night Flickering invites us to reflect on the imprint of the historical context in our actions.

Author, choreographer:
Ugnė Dievaitė
Choreographer assistant:
Riccardo Buscarini
Agnija Šeiko, Marija Ivaškevičiūtė
Light designer:
La Cia De La Luz (Daniel Alcaraz)
Set and costume designer:
Laura Darbutaitė
Excerpts from Salomėja Nėris diary
Script consultant:
Sondra Simana
Ugnė Dievaitė
60 min.

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